Thursday, January 31, 2013

Felt art

A couple of weeks ago, I was working on a hand-sewn project when one of my little girls wandered in to hang out with me. While we chatted, she watched my every stitch. 

I wondered if she'd like to give sewing a whirl.

We went to Walmart and picked up several sheets of felt and some matching embroidery floss, plus a large-eyed, easy-to-thread needle. When we came home, I showed her how to thread a needle, how to knot the end of her floss, and a very basic running stitch

She was ready to roll:

This is now a favorite activity of hers, and it keeps her busy for hours.


For kidlings that are a little too young to use a needle and shears, consider making some sewing cards: punch holes in a thin piece of cardboard (like a cereal box) with a hole punch, and let them practice the ins and outs with a shoelace or a piece of yarn. They'll love being just like mom.

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