Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Creative babies

Babies are naturally creative, too!

Creativity, in its infancy, comes in the form of learning how things sound, look, smell, taste, feel, and what they do.

"What will happen if I smoosh this... or hit that - with this? Stretch this?"

Stimulate your little one's imagination at a tender age!

Some "toys" that encourage exploration and yield satisfying results for the infant artist:

~ wooden spoons and metal bowls and pans, for music-making
~ small boxes, for stacking (and toppling)
~ mealtimes, for "finger-painting" and a variety of textures and tastes
~ hiding-and-finding games with mama or siblings, for problem-solving
~ a mirror, for self-study
~ someone to read brightly illustrated stories, for literary development
~ the family's piano, lullabies, and recorded music, for singing, dancing, and composing
~ people who laugh and cheer at baby-antics, for performance

No need for expensive computerized learning toys and posh private pre-schools. Everything your prodigy needs is right there at home already.

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