Saturday, March 31, 2012

Creativity: A Gift from the Creator

I believe that every person on Earth was designed with the ability to create.

Think about it. We were made--created--in the image of our Creator! So it makes sense that creativity is a part of every person's being.

Many people will say, "I wish I were creative," in response to someone else's artistic accomplishment. But creativity is not synonymous with artistic ability. Though the two things are indeed connected, creativity stands on its own as a way of thinking, a way of looking at common things in uncommon ways.

Imagine walking along a sidewalk. In a child's mind the sidewalk is often much more than a sidewalk. It is a bridge, or a minefield, or a flowing stream of lava! This is an example of the creative mind at work. Children are naturally creative thinkers!

We need to nurture this process in our children, so that they can grow up with strong minds, good problem-solving skills, and a healthy sense of FUN. That is what this blog is all about. We want to give you ideas that will help you nurture creative expression in the children in your life.

So don't let the idea of creativity scare you. After all, you were made for it!

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