Thursday, October 11, 2012


My birthday was a few weeks ago. It just so happened that my birthday was during one of my most hectic weeks in recent history, so when festive little children asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, I wasn't sure what to say. Children cannot even fathom letting a birthday pass un-celebrated.

After thinking for a while, I told them I wanted a party, for just our family. (There are enough of us to make an instant party.)

But there were two rules:
A perfectly set, confetti-splashed pizza dinner!

1. The children had to do all the planning.
2. They had to use things we already had. No $400 trip to the party-outlet store.

They were divided into three committees (6 children, 2 per committee): food, decorations/invitations, and games.

And I turned them loose. Their dad was available to offer technical help, and to do things that kids can't do.... like drive for pizza.
Handmade birthday banner

They worked very diligently for a week, and our basement was Top-Secret and off-limits to me. On the big day, I left the house for a short time so they could set up, and when I got home, I was astounded. They had stayed true to the rules, and they went all out for Mom!

The food committee had a wonderful spread of pizza and chips, and even a few treats.

The games crew had us playing hot potato and musical chairs. I won at hot potato. I think the little person who was stopping the music was peeking and giving me an unfair advantage :)
Streamers and balloons

And the decorations crew really outdid themselves with banners, confetti, and streamers. They also made an extra invitation for my scrapbook. They've seen me do that for baby shower moms. Sweet!

I loved it. We had a great family time!

One of the coolest things the kids did? They made mailboxes for everyone's bedroom door, for invitations and RSVPs to be exchanged. Those mailboxes are still hanging today, and are a rather fun source of household communication: notes, letters, pictures, cards, small gifts, etc. I think we're going to keep them up for a while (as long as they'll hold up!)

Mailbox, fashioned from whatever cardboard could be found :)
Complete with a flag to be raised when mail is delivered.


  1. Maybe for Christmas you could replace them with *real* mailboxes?

    1. I found some at for $3.99!

  2. My girls have a "secret" box that they fashioned a lock for. And every now and then they will pass messages with it. I love that they still do this, even now that they are both in high school!