Wednesday, September 26, 2012

T-shirt painting

 A few months ago, our family welcomed a brand-new baby into our home. What a sweet little blessing he has been! We celebrated his arrival with personalized baby onesies.

I originally planned this project as a distraction for my children while I labored at home, but I ended up laboring overnight, and the baby was here when they all woke up... so this turned into a let's-let-mama-and-the-baby-rest-while-we-make-something (with Dad!) project. :D

Dad gave everyone a (prewashed) plain white baby bodysuit, and some fabric paint, and they all sat quietly to work on their gift.

Cute little model! Cute little tee!

This is an easy and fun activity for every family member! The squeeze bottles are rather child-friendly and easy to use. I recommend practicing on some newspaper to get the hang of it, but my kiddos caught on really quick!  It also helps to insert a piece of cardboard in the shirt to prevent leaking and to provide a flat surface to decorate. After that, your imagination is the limit! My family had a wonderful time, and their baby brother now has six keepsake baby tees that were created with much love, just for him!

These will be going into his "When I Was a Baby" box!

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