Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Play with your food

Mothers everywhere are utterly against playing with your food.

Really, it's not so wrong, if you lay down a few ground rules.

  1. No wasting food! It really is wrong if your kids are ruining their dinner and making it unpalatable. You shouldn't allow them to mix everything together and then refuse to eat it.
  2. A time-crunch trumps creative expression. If you have to be at a 7:00 meeting, the littles don't have time to play. Life's like that sometimes :)
  3. They have to use what they're given (and you have to use good judgment). Don't give them 12 cups of mashed potatoes for an Edible Everest and expect it to not be wasted.
Now then: seriousness aside, the kidlings can have a lot of fun being dinosaurs that eat broccoli trees, crafting landscapes with gravy rivers, building a veggieman, or making a fruit rainbow. And you'll get a kick out of their cleverness!

Egg yolks and shells!

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