Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great idea!

Sometimes good ideas never see the light of day because of our own preconceptions and misgivings.

"I don't have talent in this area."
"I never come up with cool ideas."
"I'm not artistic/creative/talented."
"Last time I tried to be artsy, it was a disaster."
"I'll look/feel like an idiot if this doesn't work."

Oh, baloney.  :)   If you've ever figured out dinner when there was no time to get to the grocery store, successfully entertained a toddler in the line at the bank, decorated your home, or worked within a budget, then there is some kind of a creative person hiding in you somewhere....

Our children are quite in touch with their creative side, but it's important to keep that connection open and prevent them from falling into that same self-doubt that plagues many adults. How do we do that?

  •  encouraging them to try their ideas (even the ones you are sure won't work!)
  •  being willing to advise.
  •  praising a good effort.
  •  offering alternative suggestions if they hit a wall.
  •  encouraging practice. (Artists have a God-given talent, but they aren't usually born with a paint brush in their hands.)

But the one I think is most important:

  •  spurring them on past their "failures." When something doesn't work, use it as a learning experience rather than a stumbling block. Edison is credited as saying, "I have not failed at making a light bulb. I have discovered 1000 ways to NOT make a light bulb!" 


  1. I would highly recommend reading the book Imagine by Jonah Lehrer. It's all about how the creative process works. I imagine it could really help when encouraging kids. I use it with my students.

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